TV Farming Love

I am not sure my dear wife will like this but I received an email yesterday. Oh boy, what an amazing opportunity to reach fame, money and love!

These people have done their research. Here is a quick translation:

Good afternoon,

My name is [deleted] and I am writing you because of a TV show called “Farmer looks for Wife” in [deleted], Spain.

We’re preparing the new season and looking for farmers, if possible with Spanish roots, that now live abroad and have their lands or cattle there and that are looking forward to falling in love.
They would not need to travel anywhere. We would be the ones going there.

If you are interested you can write or call [deleted].

Kind regards and thanks!!!



Tempting. However, I wonder if our greenhouse will qualify as “farming activity”, if our yard can count as “lands” or if I can make the dogs look like cattle for the filming.

As much as I like being part of productions and on camera, I might have to pass on this one.